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Albatel Outsourced HR Management

Whether you are seeking fully outsourced HR services or a fully managed HR solution, an expert HR consultant to help you manage a project, or simply access to remote HR advice at the end of the phone as needed, Albatel can offer a solution to meet your needs. You can even choose to have a consultant onsite at your workplace for a specified period or on an ongoing basis.

We will work with you to identify your needs and match your requirements with the appropriate consultant, operating within your specified budget. Our outsourced HR service can provide the perfect solution for you.


Please see below our full range of HR packages and services on offer 

both as one off and monthly contracts.

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Pay Monthly

(based on an annual/biannual contract)

3 service levels:
Level 1: HR Foundations
Level 2: HR Complete
Level 3: HR Premium

Pay Once

HR Health Check
HR Essentials
HR Accelerate
HR International

HR Projects such as:
Redundancies and Right-sizing
Succession Planning

HR Projects

At Albatel we specialise in change management initiatives, whether you are scaling up with a large recruitment drive, have recently purchased a business with existing employees or are undertaking a rationalisation project we can provide expert advice and have an experienced project team on hand to support your business.

We will ensure that your project is successful and that all your project goals are met, within a specified timeframe.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, but we always follow clearly defined and agreed upon project plans to ensure that we deliver seamlessly from start to finish.

You may need a consultant with a specific skill-set to support your current HR team with a particular project or you may want a Consultant to run the project for you. Our team are specialists who can ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

We have worked on numerous projects across many different areas, from setting up recruitment practices and implementing HR technology, outsourced HR to developing performance review practices and remuneration strategies to large scale exit programmes.

We are experts who have a strong track record of delivering best practice HR support to our clients. Our team is here and available now to support you in reaching your people and performance goals. An outsourced HR service option could be just the solution for your business.

HR Health Check

  • Assessment of Current situation
  • Ensure Legal Compliance
  • Employee Best Practices
  • Full Report with Roadmap
  • Follow Up Meetings

HR Essentials

  • Bespoke Employment Contracts
  • Bespoke Employee Handbook
  • Standard Forms for Staff to Complete
  • Employee file set up/Guidance on record keeping
  • Guidance on what records to keep
  • How for a Workplace Relations Commission Inspection

Fully Outsourced HR Solutions

If you wish to fully outsourced HR function, then look no further than Albatel. Our mission is to ensure that you never need to look any further for outsourced HR services and Payroll solutions, and can choose a level of service that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our experienced consultants can also tailor a specific package just for your business.

These services are normally contracted on an annual or biannual basis and paid monthly for outsourced HR.

HR Foundations

  • Bespoke Contracts of employment
  • Bespoke Handbooks
  • Advice on a point of law
  • Document Creation- letters/forms etc
  • Employee Record Keeping(Personnel files)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Time & Attendance tracking
  • Recruitment Admin

HR Premium

  • Everything in HR Complete plus the following
  • Oversee HR function where required
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning

HR Consultancy

Do you have a particular HR issue or need expert HR advice and don’t know where to turn?

Our Albatel HR consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise to deal with any employee issue no matter how big or small. COVID-19 has brought many new challenges for employers with employees requiring sick leave, working remotely, keeping them engaged and looking after their wellbeing. It has also been a difficult time for onboarding new employees without their usual peer supports. If these or any other employee issues are a concern for your business, please book a call with us for confidential and insight-driven advice.
We are happy to deal with stand-alone issues for a once-off fixed fee.

Outsourced HR International

For businesses newly arriving or registering in Ireland, Albatel can assist with recruitment and on-boarding process in Ireland without the need for establishing a local entity to employ the individual/s being hired.

Albatel as Employer of Record for companies located overseas.
Setting up a branch office or separate legal entity in Ireland is often expensive and time-consuming. It involves many complexities and agencies, and stringent compliance regulations, which International companies may not be familiar with. Irish employment laws also provide strong protections for workers, and considerably less protection for employers. Violating these employment laws deliberately or accidentally could result in significant liability.

Albatel makes it much easier to expand into the Irish market. We can help you recruit top talent, handle your human resource functions and manage your payroll in a compliant manner without the need for you to set up a foreign company, with many practical benefits to the inbound company:

  • You can hire local staff quickly
  • Your employee experiences a better onboarding process
  • We ensure all local laws are carefully followed
  • We draft compliant employment contracts and adopt best practices.
  • We remove the hassle of HR functions and administrative tasks
  • We administer benefits and payroll, handle payroll, take care of all associated mandatory withholdings and ensure tax compliance
  • You can focus on your business while you outsource administrative functions to a local team of experts
  • You have peace of mind of knowing that you have dedicated employment experts by your side in the jurisdiction

Particularly helpful for UK businesses wishing to establish an EU workforce in Ireland, Albatel make it possible to provide fully functioning outsourced HR along with hiring and administrative functions while employers continue to maintain direction and control over the day-to-day functions of their employee from an overseas base. As the Employer of Record, we take on the legal liabilities as the official employer including taxes, HR services, payroll and compliance management – while our partner manages and controls the activity of the employee directly.

HR Health Check

Albatel’s HR Health Check will assess and document the “as is ” HR situation in your organisation so that we can develop a tailored action plan to get your business where it needs to be. Our HR Health Check produces a detailed report which will help you easily understand:

  • What you need to do now to be legally compliant with all current employment legislation
  • What would be nice to do based on best practice advice in terms of other employee initiatives such as employee, engagement, reward and recognition and learning and development.

The HR Health Check enables you to avoid potential employee issues, litigation, and/or potential fines for breaches to the law. Albatel will ensure that we have you fully covered especially for any requirements specific to your industry. Albatel will assess your business under several key headings relating to employment legislation and best practice. We will then provide a detailed report highlighting any areas of risk. Following a detailed consultation, our experienced consultants will create a comprehensive and customised roadmap for your business, with clearly defined HR actions.

You will receive a detailed report via email based on your responses. One of our experienced team will also follow up with you within 48 hours to explain the report and help you define an action plan for your business.

If you decide to seek our support with implementing your action plan, we will deduct the cost of the report from any future fees incurred for Consultancy, HR Project Management, or outsourced HR Management Solutions.

Alcatel HR Essentials


Are you a start-up?

Are you a young company, recruiting your first employees? 

Are you struggling to find  the time or resources to get up to speed and put in place the critical  HR requirements you need? 

Do you have contracts of employment, employee handbooks and all appropriate HR policies and procedures in place? 

This Programme is most beneficial for those managers, owners or directors looking to formalise their HR policies, and put in place the essentials they need as an Irish Employer.  Albatel’s HR Essentials pack not only contains everything an employer needs to be legally complaint, but also creates bespoke contracts and bespoke handbooks that are tailored to your industry and individual organisation. We will also ensure that you are audit-ready in case of an inspection from the Workplace Relations Commission, who monitor employment conditions to ensure the compliance and enforcement of employment rights legislation. . 

Our HR Essentials pack is the perfect foundation upon which to build a strong and lasting HR structure.  

The pack includes:

Bespoke Employment Contracts
Bespoke Employee Handbook
Standard Forms for Staff to Complete
Employee file set up/Guidance on record keeping
Guidance on what records to keep
How for a Workplace Relations Commission Inspection



It’s a cost-effective package that provides all the essentials you need as a new company or a company taking on it’s first employees. Put yourself in the hands of experts! 

All this for €599


Albatel HR Accelerate

This Programme is most beneficial for those managers, owners or directors looking to outsource the HR function of their Small or Medium-sized business with between 5-199 Employees. It is highly scalable flexible and can be delivered on a schedule that suits the client. For example:

  • 12 X Half days
  • 1/Full Day or 2 half days per week models

Not only is the service suited to those who wish to test outsourcing, or for those looking for HR assistance over a set period, or to manage a specific project. By having a 12-week timeline, specific goals relevant to your business can be worked towards and achieved, providing in-depth HR analysis and assistance within a 12-week fixed term – no strings attached.

The 90-day HR Boot Camp Programme which includes and expands upon the initial offerings from our “Essentials” package

The 12 Week program will be designed to cater specifically to your needs and will contain these key deliverables:
Roles and Responsibilities /Job Descriptions Review
Leadership Coaching
Development of an Onboarding Process
Organisational Structure Chart
Holiday Leave/Sick Leave Management
Payroll Audit
Recruitment of specific roles
Employee Pulse Survey (Culture & Engagement Check)
Succession Planning
Document Audit (Contracts, Policies, Handbooks etc.)


The HR Accelerate Programme is your opportunity to avail of onsite HR Outsourcing for a 12-week period to deliver powerful results and set your organisation on the right path for long term growth.



It’s simple, our ongoing clients who have been with us for the last 5 years often attest to the cost, practicality and effective benefits of our outsourcing service, it just works. Despite this, we realise it is a big decision and entrusting HR, your people and team, to anyone should not be rushed. We also understand that some won’t need ongoing assistance for the long term but do need something more than consulting now.

Having 12-week period allows us to deliver some extensive HR development within your organisation. It also allows for peace of mind that Albatel HR is right for you, whilst allowing Albatel to get to work on your business right away.

We have found this approach benefits employers and employees alike, plus we offer an initial discount should you choose to remain on board with Albatel HR beyond 12 weeks as an outsourcing client.