HR Health Check


The package includes:

Albatel’s HR Health Check will assess and document the “as is ” HR situation in your organisation so that we can develop a tailored action plan to get your business where it needs to be. Our HR Health Check produces a detailed report which will help you easily understand:

What you need to do now to be legally compliant with all current employment legislation
What would be nice to do based on best practice advice in terms of other employee initiatives such as employee, engagement, reward and recognition and learning and development.
The HR Health Check enables you to avoid potential employee issues, litigation, and/or potential fines for breaches to the law. Albatel will ensure that we have you fully covered especially for any requirements specific to your industry. Albatel will assess your business under several key headings relating to employment legislation and best practice. We will then provide a detailed report highlighting any areas of risk. Following a detailed consultation, our experienced consultants will create a comprehensive and customised roadmap for your business, with clearly defined HR actions.

You will receive a detailed report via email based on your responses. One of our experienced team will also follow up with you within 48 hours to explain the report and help you define an action plan for your business.

If you decide to seek our support with implementing your action plan, we will deduct the cost of the report from any future fees incurred for Consultancy, HR Project Management, or outsourced HR Management Solutions.



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