HR Accelerate


The package includes:

Suited to those who wish to test outsourcing, or for those looking for HR assistance over a set period, or to manage a specific project. A 12-week timeline means specific goals relevant to your business can be worked towards and achieved, providing in-depth HR analysis and assistance within a 12-week fixed-term – no strings attached.

The 90-day HR Accelerate Programme includes and expands upon the initial offerings from our “Essentials” package and will be designed to cater specifically to your needs and will contain these key deliverables:

  • Roles and Responsibilities /Job Descriptions Review
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Development of an Onboarding Process
  • Organisational Structure Chart
  • Holiday Leave/Sick Leave Management
  • Payroll Audit
  • Recruitment of specific roles
  • Employee Pulse Survey (Culture & Engagement Check)
  • Succession Planning
  • Document Audit (Contracts, Policies, Handbooks etc.)


This Programme is most beneficial for those managers, owners or directors looking to outsource the HR function of their Small or Medium-sized business with between 5-199 Employees. It is highly scalable flexible and can be delivered on a schedule that suits the client.
For example 12 Half days or 1 Full Day or 2 half days per week models.

It’s simple, our ongoing clients who have been with us for the last 5 years often attest to the cost, practicality and effective benefits of our outsourcing service, it just works. Despite this, we realise it is a big decision and entrusting HR, your people and team, to anyone should not be rushed. We also understand that some won’t need ongoing assistance for the long term but do need something more than consulting now.