A Tempting Job








 Is temping for you?

In today’s busy world of work, the need for flexibility from both the client and candidate perspective is ever increasing.  There will be times when employers need additional help when their core staff are on holiday, parental, paternity, maternity or carers leave or when they are taking on new projects.  


Why temp?

It is true to say, life as a Temporary Worker has many advantages. You get to experience the joy of change and experience different companies and industries, meet new people and experience new ways of working.  It brings increased flexibility, as you choose when, where and how long you want to work for. You will also gain new skills and it can be a very fulfilling. 

In our experience, temping can also be the perfect way to get into your dream job. If a new permanent role arises whilst you are temping in a company, you will be well positioned to approach the hiring Manager and prove yourself as a strong contender. In our experience, most temporary workers go onto stay with the company in a permanent role. 


How to get started?

We run an excellent temp desk giving you the opportunity to work with interesting and prestigious clients. We offer competitive rates and promise to do our very best to find you temp work the suits your availability.

So, if you are ready to get started, just send us your cv to outlining the type of work, location and hours you are available to work or just call us on 01 6102688 to discuss our current opportunities.  We are always looking for first-class receptionists, administrators, customer service and executive assistants who can hit the ground running to join our growing team.