International HR

Albatel International HR

For businesses newly arriving or registering in Ireland, Albatel can assist with recruitment and on-boarding process in Ireland without the need for establishing a local entity to employ the individual/s being hired. 

Albatel as Employer of Record for companies located overseas. 

Setting up a branch office or separate legal entity in Ireland is often expensive and time-consuming. It involves many complexities and agencies, and stringent compliance regulations, which International companies may not be familiar with. Irish employment laws also provide strong protections for workers, and considerably less protection for employers. Violating these employment laws deliberately or accidentally could result in significant liability.

Albatel makes it much easier to expand into the Irish market. We can help you recruit top talent, handle your human resource functions and manage your payroll in a compliant manner without the need for you to set up a foreign company, with many practical benefits to the inbound company: 


International HR Services

  • You can hire local staff quickly
  • Your employee experiences a better onboarding process
  • We ensure all local laws are carefully followed
  • We draft compliant employment contracts and adopt best practices.
  • We remove the hassle of HR functions and administrative tasks
  • We administer benefits and payroll , handle payroll, take care of all associated  mandatory withholdings and ensure employee  income tax compliance
  • You can focus on your business while you outsource administrative functions to a local team of experts 
  • You have peace of mind of knowing that you have dedicated employment experts by your side in the jurisdiction 

HR for UK companies

Particularly helpful for UK businesses wishing to establish an EU workforce in Ireland, Albatel make it possible to outsource the hiring and administrative functions to us while they maintain direction and control over the day-to-day functions of their employee from an overseas base. As the Employer of Record, we take on the legal liabilities as the official employer including taxes, HR services, payroll and compliance management – while our partner manages and controls the activity of the employee directly.